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By far the most economical method of helping us is a cash donation of any amount. We are then able to purchase the varied items we need to build our works. Please consider a Paypal donation based on the following needs:

  • $5 – Smiles
    Minor necessities: latex gloves, ear plugs

  • $10 – Raised Eyebrow
    Small hardware needs: nuts/bolts, screws

  • $25 – Happy Nod
    Protection: respirators, welding lens

  • $50 – Head-Turner
    Tools & supplies: drill bits, scrap metal

  • $100 – Whoa!
    Larger tools: C-clamps, flux wire

  • $250 – Jumping
    Big supplies: fresh metal tubing, bearings

  • $500 – Awestruck
    Bigger supplies: lots of heavy metal

  • $1000 – Fainting
    Big tools: that plasma cutter we so need

  • $2500 or more – Floating
    We might actually finish that project!

NOTE: Donations are not tax deductible as we are not yet a 501(c)(3) benefit organization.

Materials Donations

Do you have scrap metal, shop tools, or bike parts to give? Our needs are fairly specific but your generous materials donations may be of great help. Please contact us with a detailed explanation of any useful items to donate.