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Despite our determination to use recycled and found parts, we easily spend thousands on even small projects. We rely on donations and grants from generous people and organizations to pedal our artworks to life for the public.

Industrial arts seem to be gaining popularity too. A telling success story of the public’s enthusiasm for celebratory arts is seen in The Great Handcar Regatta. This festival’s debut in September 2008 captured a cheering crowd of some thousands, many reveling in costume along with the performers and racers. Longtime residents and journalists alike hailed the event as perhaps the most exciting in Santa Rosa’s history!

Arts Distrcit...downtown Santa Rosa

New Belgium Brewing Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Grants and Events

We were fortunate enough to receive grant money to help us present the Hennepin Crawler to an enthusiastic public from such visionary organizations as:

Additionally, we’d like to specially thank these essential supporters:

  • Shane Halligan
  • Theresa Hughes
  • Edward Sanders
  • Wayne Sanders
  • Scotty C. at DSC
  • TerraCon
  • Amy, Theresa, Kathleen

Recent Santa Rosa events we’ve been invited to with the Crawler and other kinetic creations include:

See the Appearances section for more info on all events Krank-Boom-Clank have crashed.